Through Wall Radar DF108 is the world's first truly portable assessing equipment which combines advanced computer processing, robust platform and Ultra Wide Band Technologies into one device. This unit has been devised to detect people able or unable to move
behind the walls, becoming the right tactic tool for the military, law enforcement and rescue in potentially dangerous and life-threatening situations. DF108 is a valuable lightweight, durable and sophisticated asset, with rough design and easy-to-use features.
DF108 uses brief pulses of ultra-wide band (UWB) emissions to 'see' through solid cover to a distance of up to 20 m, and can transmit and receive signals through a 50 cm brick wall. UWB waves travel along the area bouncing off walls and objects in their path, and thanks to its high performance processor is possible to see those obstacles that UWB waves found.
DF108 analyses in term of nanoseconds the changes produced by a slight movement such as heart throbs and also a simple breath, which are the basic characteristics of living beings. Its application software displays in three-dimensions the result of the occurred changes, represented by movements in almost real-time. In other
words DF108 is simple, intelligent and very accurate tool.

DF108 for Emergency Services Rescuing people, saving lives
・Search and locate victims among the debris or rubble after man-made or natural disasters
・Rapid decision-maker tool
・Know the exact location of the victims despite the hostile conditions
・Explore the field before making decisions
・Save time and energy when searching for survivors
・Minimize negligence in emergency

DF108 for Armed Forces and Police Gain Valuable Intelligence!
․ Quick identification of military objectives
․ Best surveying when undertaking building clearance
․ Spot possible ambushes
․ Face hostile scenarios with the ease of knowing what is behind the walls
․ Improve the tactics of operations
․ Reduce the risk to life for people at the other side of the wall and operators
․ Rescue captive hostages
․ Increase the chance of mission success.
․ Obtain accurate information about the position of the people, and the location of the criminal concealed behind the walls
․ Allows command to have a better insight within given area as to save not only hostages lives but also police officials.

․ Range up to 20 m scalable in overlapping subranges
․ Intuitive user interface
․ Lightweight
․ Breath detection
․ Fast and long term investigation
․ Stand-off capability
․ Vertical (through wall) or horizontal (floor/ceiling) deployment
․ Data recording
․ Tripod and UGV mountable
․ Remote control via LAN

Product Specification

500 x 420 x 160 mm
7 kg
2D and 3D color display
Field of view
Up to 20 m, scalable
Detection ability
Motion or motionless people
Continuous operating time per battery
More than 3 hours
Wall materials
Wood, brick, block,gypsum, solid concrete



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