IMDS System Installation
The New Generation Heartbeat Detector

A stowaway illegal, or terrorists can be transported inside a lorry from one
country to another, without meeting the leg a l requirements for entering these

Lorries have free passage throughout countries. Furthermore, the cargo is a
Perfect visual screen in case of inspection and very often Lorries are sea led,
ma king by all means internal inspection impossible.

The authorities conduct efforts to have this system under their control. Leg a l
reasons (sea ling ) and practical reasons (necessary time and manpower) make
it impossible to control physically all lorries. Other methods, such as CO2 tests
or X-rays are not always workable or can be by-passed (e. g . tubes leading the
breathing outside the lorry, a meta l structure inside for hiding the stowaways).

With our simple method called IMDS or “the 2nd"generation heartbeat detectors. any type of lorry can be controlled on the presence of stowaways,

Within one minute and with almost a 100% precision.

This makes it possible to control lorries in ports and border-crossings, or just a long the road. With that system, illegal immigrants can be detected and smugglers deprived of their most important supply route.



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