Life Hunter detects infrared rays emitted from body heat of pepole or animals

The LIFE HUNTER has : Four independent sensors (A, B, C and D).

Normal mode
this mode is useful to detect either large or small heat sources.

Temperature A + D > temperature B + C> The person is detected
Temperature A + D = temperature B + C> The person is not detected

Dual mode
this mode is useful to better detect small heat sources.

Temperature A + C > temperature B + D > The rabbit is detected
Temperature A + C = temperature B + D > The person is not detected

From of few feet to several hundred meters/yards, depending on the target size, position,
woods, leaves, bushes and the atmospheric conditions (temperature, humidity, wind...)
The best results are achieved in a clear area and when the heat source is several degrees
warmer than its surroundings, with low humidity and no wind. For the following conditions:
outside temperature of 18℃/65℉, low humidity lever, wind between 10 and 20 km/h.
wind between 10 and 20 km/h/6 and 12 mph, the detection range for small target(duck, rabbit...)
varies from 20 to 40 meters/yards and more. For big target(victims), common ranges are 25 to 50 meters/yards in a dense area (leaves, corn field...), 100 meters/yards and over in a mature forest and several hundred meters/yards in open areas.

After decades of research, infrared technology is now well known and is widely used by security forces and police over the world.
Today, it also allows security forces to do everything possible to find their target, depending on circumstances and searching conditions.

All warm-blooded animals produce heat, which is dissipated in the form of infrared rays invisible to the human eye. Because it can sense infrared rays in the 7 to14 um wavelength range, well past the human eye upper limit of 0.66um, the LIFE hunter is able to detect the heat coming from the animal's body, and to indicate with L.E.D.a buzzer, and /or a vibration,
the direction in which it lays.
These last two functions allow to look forward instead of looking at the Life HUNTER, which gives a great advantage. It is operated with a key board and easy to understand graphic symbols.


Maximum sensitivity
Horizontal field of detection
3 °for each sensor
Vertical field of detection
Working temperatures
-20 °C to +30 °C(-4 °F to +86 °F)
Dust and water protectioin
IP 64 (resists water splashes)
Frequencies detected
Weight(W/O battery)
One 9 volt alkaline battery type 6LR61/pp3



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