Semi Stretch Limousine

Freedom of thought and action does not exhaust freedom of the spirit. Experience comfort-oriented passenger transportation and freedom of space in a new dimension.

With the option of separate-seat or bench seat configuration, our elegant business limousine provides ample space to concentrate on important matters: your work and your safe passage.

Four engines with an output up to 408 bhp ensure an abundance of efficient power. The use of fibre-reinforced composites (FRP) means that less than 125 kg are added to the vehicle’s weight. This results in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions that almost correspond to those of the base vehicle.


Tailored perfectly for your individual needs. We take pleasure in equipping your business limousine according to your personal wishes.

Choose between the standard seat or our ‘Comfort’ seating packages. Luxurious separate seats make even long journeys a pleasant experience. On request a ventilation fan can be integrated into the console.

Optional multi-zone climate control adapted to match the enlarged passenger space guarantees relaxed, fatigue-free travel in both summer and winter.

Entertainment and Infotainment
We use high-quality sound and infotainment systems from leading manufacturers to make your journey an enjoyable acoustic and visual experience. On request we can equip your business limousine with monitor screens integrated into the seat headrests (not available with a division).

Our Connectivity Package with router and integrated telephone ensures that you are always ready for work. Where ever you are.


Vehicle dimensions:
All dimensions are given in millimetres. The dimensions shown are mean values and refer to unladen vehicles with standard equipment. Changes to the product may occur after finalising the visual content.

Two highly efficient, modern engines available for the Business Limousine. These engines from Mercedes-Benz provide an abundance of efficient power; current technologies such as Automatic Start-Stop ensure the greatest possible environmental acceptability.

Engines available are: E 200 | E 350 4Matic | E 500 | E 250 CDI

Further information on the engines is available on the Mercedes-Benz website. Please note that acceleration and the consumption values differ slightly due to the change in the vehicle's weight.

Accepting Reservations
For product inquiries, please contact us by e-mail.

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